Launching something new: Tres Cosas

Move your life forward with three easy things #

Hey! Today I want to announce the launch of Tres Cosas. A side project I’m releasing into the wild.


I was struggling with a few things after the pandemic: losing a few pounds, reviving friendships, too much social media, and not creating new fun software projects for myself. One of the things that helped a bunch was inspiration from Ali Abdaal’s book Feel Good Productivity to just focus on a few daily side quests. Side quests (in my words) being tasks that really don’t matter. They’re just fun. No one is going to get in trouble or lose their job if they don’t do them. They aren’t my todo lists or work backlog. They’re just incremental things that take a few minutes of time and cause zero stress. They aren’t goals. They don’t have success criteria other than “done”. It’s “spend 5 minutes looking up on Yelp a place with less saturated fat”. It’s not “do a marathon”. It’s not “have lunch with Adam”; it’s “text Adam about lunch”. If he texts back, great. If he doesn’t, oh well. My side quest is done.

Here’s some ways I use Tres Cosas.

For Health:

These are short, aren’t marathon like effort, and also involve stuff that’s not just working out and eating better. Things for my mind too.

For Relationships:

Keep things here for friends and family. They aren’t complete projects in any way.

For Work/Career:

Again, these aren’t complete projects. They aren’t “launch a new business”. It’s baby steps. Little tidbits of progress.

Was just using a note for my side quests which works fine but thought it would be more fun to make an app tracking my side quest streaks and use it to celebrate the experience. My daughter and I named it Tres Cosas. (For 3 things. We have some ridiculous Duolingo Spanish streak :) ) and it’s on the iOS App Store.

It’s my first solo iOS release. So I have plenty of questions for you all about what you’d improve or do next with it. Please share how you’ve built projects like these and what worked and didn’t. And does Tres Cosas even seem like something you’d use? It’s launched on Product Hunt: here Would love to hear from you there or just email me too.


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