Thank you, John. Thank you, everyone.

There’s this cafe near my home. An Argo Tea. My wife and I go by it frequently at night walking our dog, Bailey. Even at 10:30PM, there’s always at least a couple people typing away at documents. Peering in the window, you see the glow of Word or Google Docs.

I tell my wife that it’s a goal of mine to walk by the Argo Tea window one day and see a complete stranger using Draft to type that document. It would be so neat to spot someone I don’t know, obviously working on something important to them to be in this cafe at night, using something I made only feet away from where they’re sitting.

I’m a big Tim Ferriss fan since randomly coming across 4-Hour Workweek in a Borders Bookstore many years ago. And now I give his books away as presents to my friends. I’m a frequent visitor to his blog and yesterday I was checking out his most recent post. I spotted this in the comments.

I don’t know John at all. He wrote to me in April to tell me I’m doing a good job and to keep up the work, and I thanked him.

But seeing this comment here on a place I frequent, from a complete stranger, recommending something I’ve made to someone he’s a big fan of. It gave me goosebumps. I immediately had to take a screenshot and send it to my wife :)

I wanted to take this as an opportunity to thank you, John. I wanted to take this as an opportunity to thank everyone: my friends, my family, and the people who I don’t even know, who continue to do things like this to support me. You guys take a chance on something I make. Many folks take an even greater chance, when they put some of their credibility on the line to tell their friends or their heros about my work. These moments mean very much to me. I don’t take them for granted. And I will remember them forever.

I wish there were more synonyms for simply saying thank you. Because I have so many people who have helped me and deserve that thanks.

Please, if there’s anything I can do, let me know. Feedback on your business scheming, or your writing, or whatever. Email me or find me on Twitter. Let me know what I can do to support you.


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