Retractable tarp system for trucks - an innovative idea

The other day walking to the office I spotted this.


I hadn’t quite seen something like that before. A truck that has a retractable, accordion-like body that entirely collapses. Seemingly to be able to get at that cargo from every direction you possibly can.

Sounds like a very useful thing even for trucks in smaller sizes like home moving trucks. I’ve used a moving truck a few times, and the back of the truck isn’t always the most convenient place.

For example, the back of the truck sometimes seems to slow people like professional movers down. If you’ve ever watched a truck being unloaded, there’s often a guy waiting outside the truck while others are occupying the back unloading a piece of furniture. It seems interesting what would happen if you removed that choke point and gave movers the ability to get stuff off the truck from all sides.

What’s also interesting to me is how difficult it was to find the words people use to describe this truck trailer tarp system online. I fancy myself as being pretty damn good with the Google, and yet it took me about 15 minutes to figure out that people call these things: rolling or retractable tarp systems for trucks. Phrases like accordion/foldable/collapsible semi truck got me nowhere.



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