Grow your Twitter audience with Nombre

Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in the English language.

Dale Carnegie (How to Win Friends and Influence People)

nombre is a Chrome extension that creates a new menu item in Twitter to “Reply with name”.

Which automatically adds the first name of the person you are replying to on Twitter to the Tweet.

Click here to install the nombre Chrome extension.

Background #

For years I struggled building an audience. But I’m very blessed today to have things clicking with my writing and my project Draft to help people write better. One helpful technique I figured out to grow my Twitter audience is simply getting better at interacting with people on Twitter.

I like using people’s first names in communication. People are blind to their Twitter handles. Who is “@natekontny”? I prefer Nate or Nathan. I think most people prefer their own name.

(I’m surprised more people haven’t read Carnegie’s book. It’s the top book on Y Combinator’s recommended library.)

But if you use Twitter in any volume, typing people’s first names can be quite a task, and it’s prone to typos.

nombre was made to automate a little bit of the typing.

Installation #

nombre is a Chrome extension that runs only while you are viewing Click here to install it.

After installation, use the “More” menu in a Twitter post you want to reply to. Click “Reply with name”, and their first name will automatically be populated in the Tweet box.

There’s not much to it, but it saves a bunch of typing. I hope you find it useful.

P.S. I’d love to meet you on Twitter: here.

Feedback #

If you have any suggestions, it’s posted on Hacker News: here.

And source code is available on Github. Feedback and pull requests are greatly appreciated. Let me know if I can improve this.


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