Draft updates: bidirectional sync, Blogger publishing, upgraded accounts, and more.

Some helpful Draft improvements today.

 Help Support Draft - Upgrade Your Account

You can now upgrade your Draft account with a paid subscription. You’ll get extras like the ability to beta test new features, and a discount on our Ask a Pro service.

Most importantly, your subscription helps me to keep supporting Draft. If it’s something you find handy, please consider signing up for a subscription today: here.

 Bidirectional sync with the cloud

Since Draft launched, you could export to or import from the cloud (Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Drive, etc.) and any changes you made in Draft would automatically sync back to their cloud location.

Now, Draft will also sync changes the other way. So if your document hasn’t been updated in Draft for three minutes or longer, when you open up the document to edit or view, Draft will fetch the latest version from the cloud.

 Blogger publishing

You can now go to Settings -> Places to Publish and add your Google account so you can publish to Blogger.


I’ve added a print stylesheet so you can print your Draft documents from both Edit and View modes.

 Sticky position

CTRL+R/CMD+R will toggle you back and forth between Edit and View modes to preview what your completed document looks like.

Now, your position will be saved as you toggle back and forth. It’s really handy. Watch as you switch back to edit mode and your cursor position is saved.

 Improved merging algorithm

Before this week, if you added text after a collaborator had started editing your document, when you merged in your collaborator’s changes, it would look like your collaborator was recommending you delete the text you just added.

I’ve made the merging algorithm smarter. Now, the only changes you’re shown to merge are the ones your collaborator actually made with the text they were viewing.

This should clean up the merging you’re doing, especially when working with a team of collaborators.

 New features page

I’ve updated Draft’s Features page, so you have a reference to all the things Draft can do: version control, publishing, shortcuts, analytics, etc.

Thank you very much for the continued support on Draft. I love all the conversations I’ve been having with folks over email and Twitter. I hope I can continue to make Draft awesome for a very, very long time.

If you have a chance to upgrade to a paid subscription, here’s the link to that page.

To stay up to date on Draft, my Twitter account is a good place:


Or the official Draft Twitter account:



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