Draft Announcements: Github-style Markdown Todos, WebHooks, REST API

A few Draft updates today:

 Markdown Todos

There are so many software tools for task/todo lists. But it’s funny how unportable those todos are from system to system.

I really like what Github did.

They created a style of text (Markdown) that can be easily understood as a task/todo list in plaintext, while remaining easily parsed by software. I want this to spread. So Draft now supports Github-style Markdown todos.

Create a todo list like this:

- [ ] Write the documentation
- [ ] Get tickets

And when you’re viewing a document it will look like this:

If you check one of those boxes or labels:

your document’s text will automatically be updated with an ‘x’.

- [x] Write the documentation
- [ ] Get tickets

I keep multiple Draft tabs open now, with one of them being a Draft todo list.

There’s also a shortcut in the action menu:

Which creates a new todo for you.


Draft has a number of native publishing options: MailChimp, Tumblr, Wordpress, LinkedIn and Twitter. And I keep getting requests for more. So to help that effort, I’m releasing the ability to create your own WebHooks.

WebHooks integrate themselves into the Publish button of your documents. When you publish to your WebHook, Draft will send the WebHook url a JSON payload of your document, so you can add Draft publishing to whatever you want.

Here’s more documentation on setting up a WebHook.


I get a lot of requests about adding Draft into different tools and workflows. Today, I’m releasing a REST API to help other developers craft those solutions.

Documentation on the Draft REST API

 More than 75,000 documents stored

And finally, at the time of writing, Draft is managing over 78,295 documents. Thank you for all the continued support over email and Twitter. I’m working my butt off to keep improving Draft and make it more useful. Thank you so much for the help you’ve given me to get to this point.

If you need me, my Twitter account is a great place.


Or the official Draft Twitter account:


And I’ve been keeping the Features page up to date with the latest.


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