Draft Announcements: Folders, Daily Word Count Report, Reject Changes, Wordpress Drafts, and more.

Quite a few Draft announcements:

Folders #

A super popular request. Now it’s easy to organize your Draft documents with folders. I have folders for all sorts of use cases: managing chapters of a book, archiving published work, pending ideas, etc.

Just look for the Folders link on the left side of your main list of documents:

That will pull up your list of folders.

If you want to change their order, it’s simple. Just click and drag a folder to the right location.

To add existing documents to your folders, look for the “Move” buttons and links.

Which will give you a window like this:

Pick the folder you want to move this document to. Or create a new folder from this window as well.

When you click a folder name, you’ll see its documents.

You can also click and drag the documents in this list to change their order.

Daily Word Count Report #

One of the most common tasks writers have is simply to show up at the page consistently.

Writers like Tim Ferriss, author of multiple best sellers such as The 4-Hour Workweek, give themselves a writing quota. 500 words per day. That’s it. And over time, after showing up day after day, those 500 words turn into book after book.

Writing with consistency is one of the best three decisions I’ve made in the last 2 years. I want Draft to help more people accomplish this.

So I’ve added a report to Draft’s Reports page that simply shows you how many words you’re writing per day.

Simple, but effective. Give yourself a goal. 500 words per day. And keep that line from dipping below your goal.

Accept AND Reject Changes #

You can now explicitly ignore any changes you don’t want.


Wordpress Drafts #

For some Wordpress posts, you still want to make tweaks (e.g. images, SEO tags, etc.) to your post in Wordpress before you officially publish it live.

In order to facilitate this, you can now publish your Draft document to Wordpress in a “draft” state.

Just click the “As a Draft” box. After clicking Draft’s publish button, you’ll be redirected to your Wordpress blog to complete any changes you need before actually making the post live.

Evernote Sync Bugs #

There’s a problem with Evernote synchronization right now. It still works, but the formatting in Draft can get wonky. The problem is because of a bug in the 3rd party service Draft uses to connect to Evernote - Ink’s Filepicker.

I’ve alerted the team at Ink about the problem, and they’ve created a ticket to get this fixed. But if this problem is important to you, perhaps sending them a very polite note over Twitter or email - that you’d like Markdown/Evernote support in Filepicker to be fixed so you can use Draft better - will help them prioritize getting the fix done.

You can reach Ink on Twitter: here. Or their founder, Brett van Zuiden: here

Tweet Images #

I’ve made it a little more convenient to Tweet images from Draft. When you use Draft’s image import, Markdown gets created. But Twitter doesn’t understand Markdown. Now, if you publish to Twitter with Draft, your image will be properly converted.

Almost 100,000 documents! #

I’ll never be able to say it enough. Thank you. Everyone’s support has been incredibly helpful. Draft is getting better every day because of you, and pretty soon, we’ll hit a milestone of 100,000 documents!

Stay tuned. There are a lot of fun things in store.

If you need me, my Twitter account is a great place.


Or the official Draft Twitter account:



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