Draft Announcements: Better sorting, duplicate documents, and more…

Hi there. I wanted to let you know of a few new useful things in Draft:

Better sorting inside folders #

I had tried to make sorting inside a folder a little too clever. Originally, Draft would list documents inside a folder in reverse chronological order (by their updated time), but if you wanted more control, you could click a document in a folder and drag it to whatever order you wanted, then, the “manual sort” would automatically kick in.

But that was confusing, and didn’t work well enough.

So now, you can sort your documents in a folder three different ways that you can control explicitly:


The default sort is by time - the most recently updated documents are at the top.

The next sort - the up and down arrows - is your “manual sort”. In one of your Draft folders, you can click a document and drag it to whatever position you want:


Then, when you are viewing your documents using this sort, you can see your documents exactly as you want them.

The third sort is simply in alphabetical order by the document’s title, or, if it doesn’t have a title, by its content.

Better sorting of folders #

Similar to the improvements above, I wanted to improve how Folders are sorted. They now have the same three sort options, by updated time, manual, and alphabetical:

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 10.17.19 AM.png

Hint - you might have not realized you can drag folders too into any order you want:


Duplicate documents #

Sometimes I need to clone a previous document. Even this announcement you are reading follows a similar layout I like to duplicate. So to save a few steps of copying and pasting, you can now use the Edit menu in your document list to duplicate the entire document:


Image names #

Image hosting is one of my favorite features in Draft - a short keyboard shortcut and I have my image embedded and hosted inside my Draft document. But, if my document contained more than one image, I was having trouble keeping track of which one was which. So now, the “alt” attribute of the image is populated with the image name when you upload it.


Search in more places #

Obviously search is handy when looking for documents. So now, the search box is available from more places in Draft such as inside a Folder or the Edit menu:

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 10.33.04 AM.png

Import multiple documents - fixed #

I don’t usually mention things I’ve simply fixed in these announcements, but the ability to import multiple documents at a time has been a popular feature people asked for, but the solution wasn’t working right. Now, when you click the Import button and try to import multiple documents, you should be successful. Please keep me informed if you have further trouble with it.

Almost 350,000 documents! #

Soon, Draft will pass 350,000 documents that you have created. Thank you for helping me create something a lot of people depend on and get use from. Your feedback and financial support of the product has made a significant impact on more than just a few people trying to write better; it has also helped give me and my family some new opportunities I’m insanely grateful for.

Have an awesome week! And if you need me for anything, please ping me on Twitter at:


Or the official Draft Twitter account:



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